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I was born on October 27, 2014, with a warm face and inquisitive eyes. I loved, and was loved. Despite all the struggles I faced, I never gave up on my dream of painting a vibrant picture, filled with hues of joy and the textures of laughter. I left my mark on this world with the heart-faced dolls I designed. Would you like to support me in building the Gizem Erten Children’s Palliative Care Unit so that my friends can be cared for in better conditions?

15 July 2021


We have successfully completed 2 projects to honour our daughter's memory. Our 3rd project has been started in February 2024.

With the support of IZIKAD, we provided scholarships for 30 young university students between 2021-2023.
Project has been completed on 23 Oct 2023. Click here to see the pictures of the opening ceremony.

🎭Students between the ages of 10-12 will step into the world of storytelling by receiving 16 hours of online story writing and storytelling training from Storyteller Didem Tarlalı.

📜After the trainings, participants will write a story with the theme “Gizoş spreads love and hope across the world”.

📚The first 20 selected stories will be translated into 3 different languages and published as a book.

🎭The top three stories will be performed on stage by storyteller Didem Tarlalı and accompanied by pianist Elie Maalouf’s music.

🎉Surprise gifts await our top three students!


You can send an e-mail for projects details and activites.

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